Everest Production has created over 1000 hours of programming, including 15 non-fiction series, and over 300 episodes of television. Our programming has earned 1 NAMIC award, 4 Emmy awards, 3 Telly awards and 13 Ava awards.

Everest Production is a full-service television and video production company dedicated to creating quality multi-media products for broadcast, corporate, advertising, public-service, and individual-client applications. We are experienced providers of original productions, specializing in non-fiction programming including lifestyle, reality, educational, news, sports, arts, and family entertainment. We also offer a range of production and post-production services, as well as an on-site 3000 sq. feet production studio, 6 editing suites and 2 dubbing studios.

From full project delivery with masterful storytelling to high quality format conversion, EPC offers wide range of post production services for

* Educational Multimedia
* Special Events
* Original Productions
* Corporate & Business Production
* Broadcast Productions
* TV Commercials

In today’s global marketplace the trans-nationalization of television and film is steadily increasing. International audiences desire access to programming that they can enjoy without having to read subtitles. At the same time, viewers want to experience a performance that is as close to the artists’ original intentions as possible.


Everest Production Corporation works closely with its translators and dubbing directors to produce an ever-growing lineup of dubbed products. Professional, native-speaking actors are led by top-notch directors who closely study the original performances and re-create seamless voice-over adaptations. Everest’s top-notch recording facilities enable its audio technicians to construct a professionally mixed, precisely synchronized dub.
Everest’s dubbing experience includes various genres of television programs and home videos, children’s puppet programming, live-action and animated feature-length films, multimedia DVDs, and internet presentations.

Dubbing Services include all the pertaining services of Transcription, Translation, Adaptation, Casting, Directing, Recording, and Audio-mixing.

We are mainly offering dubbing and voice-over services in English, Spanish.


Beyond dubbing, translation services are additionally available in many other areas including business and technical documentation and for internet websites.

Translations are executed by seasoned experts able to capture the nuances of the original language and instill them into a new script or text, taking special care to ensure that idioms and linguistic subtleties are never lost in translation. Consultants are frequently called in to oversee the translation of any specialized language that may require particular knowledge of regional vernacular or jargon.

Voice-Over Recording

Quality voice-over work is one of our specialties! Just select the voice talent of your choice, and we’ll take care of the rest, from translation to recording to post-production. Everest Production Corporation produces multimedia information products for every imaginable application with voice-over capability.

Voice-Over Supervision

The bilingual directors that supervise Everest’s recording sessions are also available to clients with their own voice talent or recording facilities. These trained professionals provide an important second opinion and the confidence that your foreign language voice track is delivered with the appropriate accent, diction and tone.

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We offer studio rentals with full studio crew and master control room access for talkshows, infomercial, news reporting and greenscreen shooting.

Our state-of-the-art editing platforms are using the latest in Final Cut Studio and Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Illustrator. Everest Production’s experienced and imaginative editors deliver on projects of any scale. If it’s simply the right tools you’re after, our video editing suites are also available for hourly and daily rental.

Camera rental are offered with or without lighting kits. Our experienced camera crew delivers high end results for corporate video, event coverage as well as network TV shows.
SONY PDW-530 Professional XDCAM Disk Camcorder
Sachtler V-20 Head & Tripod
Arri Lighting Kits